Doing good has its rewards.

The CREDO Visa® Credit Card
Donations to
nonprofits with every purchase
Triple points for
groceries and charitable giving

Or apply by phone


(TDD/TTY 800-695-1788)

Doing good has its rewards.

Your card. Your ideals.

CREDO donates 10¢ to nonprofits with every CREDO Visa card purchase — at no cost to you. No annual fee.* Triple points for groceries and charitable giving. One point for everything else. No card does more for you. Or for your world.

Fighting for a world of good.

Purchases with your CREDO card directly fund progressive nonprofits that battle every day for our values, our rights and our freedoms.
Photo: CarlB104 Championing health, safety, economic opportunity and full equality for all women.
Photo: Niki Odolphie Safeguarding our planet, defending its natural places and reversing global warming.
Photo: Sumaya Agha for Mercy Corps Promoting world peace and equitable, compassionate treatment for people everywhere.

Rewards for you. Progressive social change for all.

Every CREDO card purchase earns points you can use for gift cards, merchandise, travel or even paying your CREDO Mobile or Long Distance phone bills—at the same time powering organizations that share your progressive values.
Triple points
for grocery purchases.
Triple points
for charitable donations.
for all other purchases. No limits.
$50 e-gift card.1
25 trees
planted when you spend
$500 in 60 days.2
Every purchase adds to the total.
Progressive social change with every purchase.

Multiply the power of change. Share with five friends.